Pete BucknellFilm Maker

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Peter Bucknell, based in New York City and Barcelona, has been live switching for classical music performances, directing, shooting and editing commercials and documentary work for ten years. A camera owner at the age of five, and a classical musician for most of his life, he has developed an aesthetic sense that has served his clients well. His work has been commissioned by a wide range of brands including Audi, Nike, Powerbar, AOL, Verizon, Martha Stewart....

underwater camera work is sought after internationally. His specialist training and experience enable him to shoot in the most challenging of environments. He's a public speaker and author and presents GoPro camera workshops at the largest dive expos in the world.

Pete is also booked regularly to shoot and edit classical music events.
He was the resident film maker on tour with Joshua Bell and the Australian Youth Orchestra, shooting a series of miniature films while on the road, a new film every two days.
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